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About Us

Who We Are was established in 2003 with the purpose of improving the way families searched for affordable housing. The system was broken and was in need of fixing. has since transformed the section 8 housing program by creating the largest affordable housing network in the country. Our close relationship with hundreds of municipalities and government agencies makes it possible to help millions of families with their housing needs each year.

Our Mission

Over the years has grown to become the most heavily trafficked website for people in need of affordable housing. To this day our mission remains the same and we strive to provide affordable housing options to the tens of millions of American households that spend more than they can afford on rent.

Our Core Values

Our corporate culture and commitment to our core values has allowed us to grow the company, serve more people and employ a really talented team. These are the words we live by.

To serve with passion and innovate as a team with integrity and excellence.

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    To Serve...

    Focus on helping others and all else will follow.

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    With Passion...

    We believe we can make a difference.

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    And Innovate...

    There is always a solution.

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    As a Team...

    We earn each other's respect.

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    With Integrity...

    We do what we say and work hard to earn your trust.

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    And Excellence...

    Great Just isn't good enough.