Our Core Values

We believe our Core Values Statement defines our mission. So we asked our GoSection8.com employees to tell us what our Core Values Statement means to them. One word dominates the comments: Respect.

Our goal is: To serve our customers with passion, innovate as a team, with integrity and excellence.

One associate suggested that to Serve means to “stop and understand what our families and landlords need.” Our first step in serving our customers is simple: We listen. Feel free to contact us with any comments, complaints or commendations. We’re always ready to listen.

Addressing the issue of Passion, someone at GoSection8.com wrote that “attitude makes a difference.” Everyone at GoSection8.com understands that our renter families are under pressure every day. We actually believe that our work helps people live better lives. “Belief in our work leads to passion in our effort,” one staffer says.

We will always Innovate. We hold daily meetings to help gauge our forward progress. “GoSection8.com allows me to work on my own initiative, with no boundaries,” one associate reports. Most of our innovations come from the ground floor, from client suggestions or worker-bee recommendations. We always find a solution.

We work as a Team. Communication is key. Customer service fields your comments, then passes them on to our development team. As a team, we decide how to tackle each issue. This is where our respect for others begins, in the office. We respect each other, just as we respect our clients. “Respecting each other means we trust each other,” one associate wrote. You know how it works – “First heal thyself.”

We place a high value on Integrity. We don’t make any claims we can’t back up. We speak the truth. We do what we say. One associate noted that it’s important to maintain your integrity “even though nobody is watching.” That right – at GoSection8.com, our integrity comes from within each individual.

We strive for Excellence. At GoSection8.com, great just isn’t good enough. One associate says, “We need to continuously improve those things that really matter to our company.” Nothing is finished at GoSection.com, we’re always trying to better ourselves, our products and our services.