How does GoSection8.com Work?

GoSection8.com provides property rental listings directly to Public Housing Authorities. Our listings are passed out to thousands of "walk-in" tenants seeking Section 8 rental housing daily.

Additionally, GoSection8.com maximizes rental listing exposure by allowing properties to be viewed online.

Further exposure is achieved via our proprietary QuikMatch system that notifies tenants seeking housing of new rental listings via computer email, text message or by phone whenever a GoSection8.com Insider lists a property on GoSection8.com. Prospective tenants do not need a computer to view listings posted on GoSection8.com! They can simply call our toll free number and we will input their search criteria into our national database and when a landlord's property matches their criteria they will receive a phone call.

Prior to GoSection8.com, landlords had to list with Housing Authority offices directly to expose their properties to Section 8 tenants. Due to overlapping geographical territories, in some cases, a landlord would have to list with up to seven different local Housing Authorities to achieve maximum local exposure! Furthermore, all Housing Authorities maintained their property lists differently which made the process of adding, updating, and verifying rental listings time consuming and unreliable.

GoSection8.com is more than just a rental property listing website. Our database is becoming the primary source of information for Public Housing Authority rental lists throughout the country. Listing properties with local Housing Authorities has always been the best way to expose your rental property to section 8 tenants.

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