13. My listing expired.  
What is the status of my listing and what does it mean?

Your listing's status is displayed in the "Manage your Listings" section on the Landlord's Home page. You will need to be logged in to view the landlord home page.

All listings will appear as active when they are initially entered. A free listing is active for 30 days. During this time all prospective tenants will have access to your contact information. Once a free listing expires it will still appear online for an additional 30 days. During this time your contact information is no longer viewable online and we will alert you by email if tenants are inquiring about your expired listing. Once a 30 day free listing expires you will need to upgrade to a premium membership to view past tenant inquiries and make your contact information available online.

Your property is available for rent. Your listing will be viewable online and in participating local housing authority printed lists.

When your listing is leased, switch the status to RENTED. For the benefit of your local housing authority you will need the lease amount, lease date, and your section 8 tenant's name (if applicable) to close out a listing. When a listing is switched to RENTED it will no longer be editable.

If your listing appears as INACTIVE then it is has been temporarily removed from the market. You cannot edit this listing until it is returned to ACTIVE status. To have your listing switched back to ACTIVE status, simply go to the "Manage Listings" page and click on the "Inactive Listings" tab. Once you find the listing you wish to ACTIVATE, click on the "Activate Listing" button.

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