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What are Prospective Tenants? (QuikMatch)

QuikMatch is the industry leading intelligent service for matching prospective renters ("prospects") to landlords' vacancies. QuikMatch is the only lead matching service that matches leads based on an individual's search behaviors. QuikMatch knows what a prospect wants and how motivated they are! It is also the best place to find voucher holders with guaranteed rental income.

How Accurate is QuikMatch?
  • We capture and analyze hundreds of data points for each prospect in real-time. We look at location, property type, rent amount, # of bedrooms and numerous other factors to create a transparent prospect profile. We like to call this profile "Tenant DNA". We then match the prospect's "DNA" to your active listings and send you matching leads daily.
  • See for yourself. You can browse QuikMatch Prospects and view their profiles for free!
  • Sorting by “Best Match” will return the renters that are most likely to reply first.

When Will I Start to Receive Prospects?
  • QuikMatch immediately matches prospects to your active listings. It is actually working for you as soon as you list a property.
  • We deliver the prospects to your inbox daily as soon as they are qualified. Remember, these are qualified leads who are actively looking to rent your property and you should contact them promptly.

How Do I Use QuikMatch?
  • Simply log in to your account and click on the "Prospects" button on your dashboard or open your QuikMatch emails to view and contact prospects.

Is QuikMatch for Section 8 only?
  • No. While QuikMatch is the largest database of section 8 prospects in the country, it also includes market rate renters. You can find any type of renter in QuikMatch.

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