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What type of criteria is the housing required to meet?

  • An alternative exit in case of fire
  • A cooking stove or range
  • A kitchen sink with hot and cold running water
  • A refrigerator that is of appropriate size for the unit
  • Space for storage, food preparation and serving
  • Facilities and services for food waste disposal
  • At least one window in living and sleeping rooms
  • A working light fixture in the bathroom and kitchen
  • At minimum of two electric outlets in the kitchen, living room and each bedroom
  • Adequate air circulation
  • Free from dangerous levels of sewer gas, carbon monoxide, dust, fuel gas and other harmful air pollutants
  • A flush toilet
  • A fixed tub or shower with hot and cold running water
  • A fixed basin with hot and cold running water
  • A kitchen, living room, bathroom and at least one bedroom or a living-sleeping room
  • Screens on all exterior doors and windows that are accessible from the outside
  • No serious defects, such as large holes, bulging or loose surface materials, on floors, ceilings and walls
  • A firm and weather tight roof

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